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what we offer

turf, fine lawns & and hay-field management : wildflower meadows : fruit & vegetable growing : pest & disease management : hedge cutting & topiary : hedge-laying & pleaching : tree, shrub and perennial pruning: fruit tree care and pruning : plant propagation : glass-house keeping : espalier & fan training : hot beds : interiors & orangeries : vines & vineyards : golf greens, tennis courts & croquet lawns : coppicing and green wood use : ponds & lakes : historical garden & landscape consultants

Gardening & Estate Management

At the outset we offer our clients with an honest approach to gardening. We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of many practices, both modern and traditional. Our exquisite services are primarily aimed at larger gardens , but we are always happy to look at smaller projects. Over the years we have gained experience of many environments and styles, but our main focus is on plant knowledge for which we are experts.


Over recent years we have extended our knowledge to managing small estates and small-holdings, which include the upkeep of grape vines, hay meadows and other farm related issues. If the job is too specialised, Guy has many contacts within the industry who can facilitate your needs, from building permanent structures safely, ploughing fields and installing vineyards to installing commissioned artworks.

Garden Reconstruction and Restoration

If you have a more historically inspired or indeed an historically important garden  Guy has a degree in Design History and has a wealth of experience in working to many different styles, from the Renaissance to Modernism. We can offer clients a Historical Reconstruction and Installation Service following strict historical records or, historically accurate planting combined with existing features.


As a company, we do not undertake hard-landscaping or building work of any kind, but do use or can recommend companies that undertake such work if that is what is required.

Lectures and Talks.

Guy is very keen to help others gain knowledge. His talks and lectures are both quirky and informative.

A current list of talks include:

Sun Tzu in the garden:

Sun Tzu was a Chinese general and military strategist. Required reading at both Sandhurst and Harvard Business School, his book ‘The Art of War’ has a surprising relevance to fighting pests and diseases in the garden. This talk is a light-hearted and informative look at his military strategy for dominance on the battlefield that really does help tame garden pest and disease.

Gardening for Economists:

Governments, Economists and the Press all seem to be obsessed with growth. Does growth actually exist? If it does, Very few people show knowledge of how to achieve growth in a sustainable way. Learn from an expert on how to nurture your garden in order for it to grow in a healthy and sustainable way without the need for vast injections of capital or drastic cuts!

Committing the perfect murder and how to feed the garden at the same time:

You’ve committed the perfect murder, but how can you put the body to good use in the garden?

Restoration, Renovation, Reworking:

An illustrated guide on how to approach a garden of historical importance. How can we preserve and restore our national heritage? Guy has for many years been renovating, restoring and has worked with garden owners to restore some of the country’s hidden historical gems. This talk is a visual treat for those who want to see some secret gardens or learn more about conservation or historical reworking. 


Guy Deakins. BA (Hons). ANC (Hort).

The name Deakins has been associated with design and horticulture since at least the Victorian era, Guy Deakins (BA Hons. ANC Hort.) being just the latest member to be involved in what is evidently a family tradition. In fact he has a lot to live up to, his father and grandfather having historically listed designs to their names.




Since starting the business in 1999, the company has gained experience in many differing environments from small courtyards and roof gardens in the heart of the city, fen gardens, to the windswept beach-side formal gardens of a well respected Hotel, with just about every beautiful variation in between.





After completing his horticultural qualifications with distinction and winning gold at a horticultural show in 2005 he has extended his practical gardening and design experience by working on large gardens in Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and London – eventually earning the title of Head Gardener for the horticulturally important Holland Park in London. He has also worked at the Orchid Gardens in Singapore, working alongside the Head Gardener – a role he enjoyed immensely and aims to repeat in other Botanic Gardens worldwide, when time permits.

Newspaper Articles
Guy lives with his wife and two children in the glorious English countryside, where in his spare time, he has written articles on gardening for newspapers such as The Horsham District Post and online for horticultural companies, such as TOWN and COUNTRY. As if that were not enough, he often gives lectures or talks to those garden societies that hold such events – for a small fee.  He is also a published poet and author, a keen artist and photographer -having trained at art college – talents that enhance his gardening and design abilities greatly.

Hot Flower Bed
“As a company, we are not profit orientated. This we believe gives us a more honest attitude to our work and our customers. If we make a saving, you make a saving.” We try to use or encourage the use of sustainable resources. We safely use recycled tools and equipment. Old tools in capable hands will last another lifetime. As a company, we are now proud to be using only ‘carbon offset’ machinery. We strive to use organic methods in all our work.”


We are fully certified, qualified and trained to the highest degree, science is our bible.


If you would like to find out more, or need advice, please contact us via email or phone for more details.

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