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Happiness: again.
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Dear Reader,

I feel I owe it to you as all was lost in the move to a new home,  to regurgitate some of my previous witterings in the hope that it sinks in this time and my  whole raison-d’etre on this small blue speck isn’t all a waste of a sad short life.

The Butterfly Effect

“So Guy, remind me: What is happiness?”

Well, as far as I remember happiness is a state of the brain and in turn the mind. A series of chemical and neurological processes, coerced by nature and formed by nurture. Remembering, what the ‘mind’ is would be an extensive philosophical debate ending in the answer “I am. At least I think, I am. ” Remembering also that infections and the misuse of recreational drugs can effect the brains mechanism to produce vital neurotransmitters like Serotonin  and  dopamine – which vitally affect moods. Also scientists now reckon positive thoughts help the cardiovascular health!

Notwithstanding try the following methods, which I have heard said by wise sages over the course of several lifetimes.

1. If you awake every morning and say, “I am glad I am not [fill in blank with something you wish not to be]“,  you are happier in mind than somebody who wakes up every morning and wishes to be something.

2. Equally if you remain in the now, mindful that you cannot change the past and you certainly cannot predict the future, (even if in all probability the twenty tonne juggernaut might hit you any second); you are again more likely to be happy with your lot in life. That was the joy of Pandora’s box after all, hope everlasting.

3. Debt is another influence on one’s happiness. Do not be, or try not to be in debt, be it financially or emotionally. Ask yourself, do I really need to get into debt in order to achieve happiness?

4. Differentiate between happiness and pleasure. Pleasure is short term: A new pair of shoes, that super shiny gardening trowel,  your team winning the championship, the last slice of Victoria sponge and sex are all pleasurable, but do not bring you lasting happiness. Ask yourself; will the activity you are about to embark upon bring you momentary pleasure but won’t in the end bring about emotional and physical happiness? Then perhaps think on.

5. Try not to be hard on yourself. We can’t all be millionaires and we can’t all be the twentieth reincarnation of the Dalai. Enjoy your life and what life throws at you. You are unique and nobody can take that away from you. (Unless you are a cloned sheep, sorry). Your experience on this planet is as valid as anyone else, no matter how insignificant your contribution appears to be.

6. Success can be boiled down to one solitary and simple fact. You have survived. There is nothing more to it.

7. Become a gardener.


May you find a happy path in your garden.



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