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Over the years, I have got to know a fair amount on the nature of gardens and how to nurture them. On this page I have posted, as a PDF, a series of pamphlets which should help you in your gardening adventures. This list will be added to over time, it has a number of sources and is not exhaustive. If your computer cannot read PDF format please download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, or email me for other versions.

As this is a global community, I shall endeavour to add herbs which are not only accustomed to temperate climates.

A Guide to Growing Herbs.

Hippocrates, (ca. 460 BC – ca. 370 BC), the ‘father of modern medicine’, left us with a list of 400 plants he regarded as essential. I, on the other hand have compiled a smaller list which you may or may not find useful, how they can be grown and how they can be used. Please check to see if you are allergic to any of these plants

Herb Guide One

Herb Guide two

Apple and Pear Tree Pruning.

The books are great at telling you how to prune, but they don’t have all the answers. Read on.

How to Prune Apples

Lawn Care Maintenance.

Grass is the most successful plant on the post-ice age planet. Thus the lawn is a complex collection of similar plants. It needs sun and water. It also doesn’t like to ‘sit wet’ in winter – otherwise it rots and you end up with bald patches. There are a multitude of diseases that can effect the health of grasses, but kept well fed, it should survive.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

Rose Care

Roses are simply beautiful. And quite often beautifully simple to look after. Originating from Persia and China it has become one of the staple plants in the modern garden, yet it is little understood or cared for properly. I have created a simple guide, just to help you along. It is not as extensive the multitude of specialist books on the market, but to be honest, it ain’t rocket science!

A guide to Growing Roses.

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