Talk Subjects

Over the years, I have given talks and lectures to the wider horticultural community.

Much of what I talk about is done with the hope of enlightening my fellow travelers. Some of it is typically irreverent. All of it, I hope, interesting. My main aim is to elucidate and educate with humour. To introduce an alternative and memorable view of the world from a staunchly environmental and ecologically sustainable viewpoint. The feedback I have had so far is positive. If you would like to book me for a talk, please feel free to email me for an idea of my prices.

A brief precis of their subject matter is as follows:

Sun Tzu in the garden: An alternative approach to blindly spraying for pest and disease with no idea what is happening. Use military strategy to defeat your foes. Understand your garden ecology.

‘How to commit the Perfect Murder (and put the body to good use in the garden afterward’: How to feed your garden. What nutrients a plant needs. The dangerous nature of our willingness to use chemicals without knowing the consequences.

Horsham Horticultural Society said: “The talk was very interesting. Especially for us, mentioning the names of the plants you had taken out and put in!”

Woodingdean Horticultural Society said: “A great talk”

Crawley Horticultural Society said: ” Very entertaining”

Bentley Horticultural Soc. said: “A well thought out and informative talk.”

Lindfield Horticultural society. “Very Informative. Your knowledge is beyond doubt. ”


Guy giving a talk to the Dutch Renaissance Garden Society.
Guy giving a talk to the Dutch Renaissance Garden Society.