Gardening Talks.

Guy is very keen to help others gain knowledge. His talks are both quirky and informative, utilising mnemonic  techniques to enhance the experience.

A current list of talks include:


Schrödinger’s Garden:

At any given time our garden is both alive and dead. According to neurobiology our sense of taste is both nurture and nature. How do we see a garden. How can a designer improve on their art?


Sun Tzu in the garden:

Sun Tzu was a Chinese general and military strategist. Required reading at both Sandhurst and Harvard Business School, his book ‘The Art of War’ has a surprising relevance to fighting pests and diseases in the garden. This talk is a light-hearted and informative look at his military strategy for dominance on the battlefield that really does help tame garden pest and disease.


Committing the perfect murder and how to feed the garden at the same time:

You’ve committed the perfect murder, but how can you put the body to good use in the garden? A light hearted talk about feeding the soil to feed your garden!


Restoration, Renovation, Reworking:

An illustrated guide on how to approach a garden of historical importance. How can we preserve and restore our national heritage? Guy has for many years been renovating, restoring and has worked with garden owners to restore some of the country’s hidden historical gems. This talk is a visual treat for those who want to see some secret gardens or learn more about conservation or historical reworking.